Front Control Dishwasher with QuadWash® and EasyRack® Plus - LDFN3432T

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Product Description
LG’s built-in dishwasher is your trusty sidekick in keeping a clean home. With QuadWash technology, this machine works to get the job done right the first time – four spray arms rotate back and forth while they spin, power spraying dishes from multiple angles through the entire cycle. The NSF certification means you can feel confident that your family’s cutlery, glassware and plates have been safely sanitized. Best of all, this appliance runs at just 50 decibels, so you can take on that kitchen mess at any time without disturbing daily living.

Unique Features


QuadWash System:
LG’s exclusive technology gets dishware spotless the first time. While standard washers only have two, this model features four multi-motion spray arms to blast away food residue from every angle.

EasyRack™ Plus:
Fit more, run fewer loads and make short work of after-dinner cleanup. The adjustable upper rack has three height settings to accommodate tall stemware above or oversized cookware below. Customizable tines add even more flexibility, all without compromising performance.

Dynamic Dry™:
No towel needed here – this technology delivers faster, more complete drying for ready-to-use dishes right from the machine.

LoDecibel™ Operation
Now you can run the dishwasher whenever you want – day or night. The 50 dB cycle is whisper-quiet, so you won’t have to worry about interrupting post-dinner-party conversations or naptime.

National Sanitation Foundation Certified:
Rest easy knowing your home is as clean as can be – this appliance is certified to reduce bacteria found on dishes by 99.999% and reaches a final rinse temperature greater than 150 F when operated on the High Temp Cycle.

NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Tub:
LG’s quality materials and construction ensure lasting durability and performance.

Beauty in Practicality:
A stainless steel finish, fully integrated front control panel and pocket handle all give this model an attractive, modern look.


General Details





Appliance Features

Sanitize, Front Control

Finish Colour

Stainless Steel

Control Panel

Fully Integrated Front Control Panel

Handle Type


Tub Type

NeveRust Stainless Steel™

Filtration Type

3-Stage Filtration System

Noise Level (dB)


Energy Consumption

258 kWh/year

Dishwashing Details



Wash System


Cycle Details

Wash Cycles

5 (Auto, Heavy, Normal, Turbo, Machine Clean)

Wash Options

6 (Flex Zone, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start, Control Lock, Night Dry)

Additional Details

Additional Information


  • BPA-Free Nylon Coated Racks and Tines
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
  • 3 Spray Arms: Top, Upper, Lower
  • Upper Rack Dish Height Limit: 9"
  • Lower Rack Dish Height Limit: 12.5"



NSF Certified, ENERGY STAR® Qualified